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Puerto Rico - an amazing place to live and work!

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How would you like to work remotely near the beach, in a place that has beautiful weather all year long?

What if you could do that AND make more money?

It's possible!  It's even much, much easier than you probably realize.

Puerto Rico is part of the US; you don't even need have a passport, and it's just a short plane trip from the US east coast.

Due to the tax advantages offered in Puerto Rico to businesses and investors, many tech businesses are moving to Puerto Rico. For consultants we place who are able to work remotely from Puerto Rico for an off-island client, our company can qualify for a reduced tax rate.  Where this is the case, we are happy to pass savings along to our associates so that you can also benefit.

​Puerto Rico offers a stable infrastructure, first world comforts, and is a safe place to live.  Though Spanish is the most prevalent language, it is possible to get all of your needs met as an English-speaker.  There are bilingual schools that are very good, and high quality medical care available.

And did we mention you can go to the beach year-round?

Contact us to discuss in more detail if you are interested in considering the opportunities of working from Puerto Rico!